Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spreading the Word on Reusable Bags

I'm putting my money, time, and energy where my mouth is by making a pledge at
Please take a minute to check it out and see if you'd like to participate!
Carolyn in CO


Emme said...

great idea!

liv said...

I signed up! I never knew Pledgebank existed, but it is a good idea. I sent the link to several friends. The pledge is only two people short tonight. I am getting ready to make some bags from my fabric stash to give away.

Carolyn said...

Liv--Thank you! I absolutely adore sites like Pledgebank, ones that get me all excited and motivated to make a move. and are two others.

You may have noticed that using up my fabric stash is one of my Feb. goals. LOL I was just sewing handles onto a grocery bag before I got back on the computer. And I've found a wonderful way to cheat on that goal...I can just cut all the remaining fabric up into furoshiki squares! Just kidding!

M said...

I signed up as well. :)
I love this idea.

Carolyn said...

Hurray! I reached my pledge goal! I think it's wonderful that 10 more people are going to share the joys of eschewing paper or plastic.
I'm going to try to get a photo of me giving away a bag, and I'm hoping other people will also do so.

Just because my goal of 10 was met does not mean that this pledge is closed. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome/encouraged to sign up before June 3rd.

Sally said...

Loved this idea. Thanks for sharing the site.